Delta 9 THCO (Delta 9o) Bulk Raw Distillate

Introducing one of the latest cannabinoids our customers have been buzzing about – Delta 9o! Also known as D9o, Delta 9 THC-O acetate or Delta 9 THCO, Delta 9o products produce a similar feeling to that of traditional Delta 9 products founds in dispensaries but stronger and longer lasting euphoric effects.

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Also known as Delta-9-Acetate, THCO is a novel cannabinoid that offers users a much more potent and euphoric buzz that some users report to have 2-3x more potent effects than delta 9 depending on your endocannabinoid system. This compound is extremely bioavailable meaning it can absorb in the body quickly and definitely packs a serious punch.

1ml  increment comes in a glass syringe with metal plunger.

5g, 28g, & 100g increments come packaged in glass jar (syringe not included)

We use the Highest Quality Ingredients in all our products. All Raw ingredients are Full Panel Tested for compliance and safety. Blends are additionally tested for potency and solvents. 

To assure a safe and high quality product, all of our products are produced in a FDACS licensed commercial processing facility that receives periodic inspections and is CGMP compliant. 

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1mL, 28 Grams, 100 Grams, 5 Grams


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