THCO Avalanche Cookie


Avalanche cookies, but with a twist. These cookies are sure to put a smile on your face. Treat yourself to our scrumptious no bake avalanche cookies, expertly infused with 100mg THCO. Our avalanche cookies do not contain peanut butter as most recipes call for. One bite, and you will know the truth. Each cookie is individually vacuum sealed to maintain freshness.

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    Our THCO avalanche cookies  pack a potent punch infused with 100mg of THCO per cookie. These cookies are HIGHLY potent and produce powerful head and body euphoria that will have you feeling amazing. Please note edible effects can have a delayed onset of up to four hours after consumption depending on your metabolism and make-up. Please take caution when dosing our edibles. We recommend starting with 1/4-1/2 a cookie to begin.

    THCO is short for Delta 8 THC O Acetate, an acetylated version of Delta 8. Some users report to be as much as 3x more potent than delta 8 or delta 9. We carry some of the purest and most potent THCO on the market. Our THCO Acetate is made with safe compounds and is the highest quality THC-O product on the market. It’s a fluid oil with a viscosity similar to CBC or our CBD vape oil. It is incredibly smooth when vaped or dabbed. It has an initial onset time of 10-20 minutes with effects continuing to increase for up to an hour after inhalation for some. Ingesting this product has a similar onset of delta 8 or delta 9. This product can be as much as 3 times more potent than delta 8 or delta 9 for some depending on your endocannabinoid system.

    THCO is known to have a delayed onset and longer lasting effects than Delta 8 THCO.

    Vacuum Sealed Individually for freshness.

    We recommend to eating 10-30 minutes before or after taking our edibles for maximum effects.

    **HEAT WARNING:THCO cookies may not always do well in warm climates. Additionally, heat from shipping may affect the cookies form throughout shipping and may it to melt in transit depending on your location, the time of the year, and how long your package sits in the heat prior to bringing it inside. Our edibles are not heat resistant in warmer temperatures. We offer cold pack insulated shipping option at checkout. We strongly recommend selecting the "cold pack insulated' shipping option at checkout in order to help prevent heat from shipping affecting the form in which  your cookie arrives in.**


    We use the Highest Quality Ingredients in all our products. All Raw ingredients are Full Panel Tested for compliance and safety. 

    To assure a safe and high quality product, all of our products are produced in a Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (FDACS) licensed commercial processing facility that receives periodic inspections and is CGMP compliant. FDACS Hemp Food Permit #: 2022-N-1964937


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