CBD and Altitude Sickness

By Maria A - April 28, 2022

Trekkers, aircraft passengers and climbers often feel appetite loss, fatigue, moderate headaches, migraines, shortness of breath and unease while on their high altitude adventures. All of these feelings may be related to altitude sickness.

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Cannabinoid Oil – Ingredients and How To Make it

By Maria A - February 15, 2022

This blog post will go through the different steps in making the perfect batch of cannabidiol oil. This is a straightforward process, but it is essential to follow each step carefully to produce a high-quality product.

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Can CBD Consumption Help With Anxiety?

By Maria A - January 7, 2022

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a unique compound derived from Cannabis sativa, a plant that draws interest for its psychoactive effects and potential health benefits. Preliminary studies indicate that THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, is anxiety-inducing, while CBD, the non-psychoactive component, is anxiety-reducing.

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CBD Oil With Terpenes Benefits

By Maria A - December 23, 2021

CBD oil is one of the many products derived from the hemp plant. Unless the CBD is isolated, the oil naturally contains terpenes, aromatic plant compounds found in many kinds of herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and many plants.

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CBD Delta-8 Dispensary Near Me

By Maria A - December 7, 2021

It should be no surprise to anyone that the cannabis market is exploding with new products here and there. Weed, after all, has exponentially grown in popularity thanks to the research that's being done.

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CBD versus CBN: Benefits and Differences

By Maria A - November 25, 2021

Although CBD and CBN are both cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, their effects on the body are very different, and one should not be used in place of the other.

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Delta-8-THC Gummies and Edibles You Should Try

By Maria A - November 24, 2021

Delta-8 THC gummies and edibles are some of the most potent cannabis products on the market today. It can be hard to find which delta-8-THC gummies and edibles you should try with so many companies to choose from.

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What Are Cannabinoid Isolates And How To Use Them

By Maria A - November 23, 2021

Imagine being in a store selling various CBD products, and you're clueless about which one is most potent for your anxiety or inflammation. All you know is that these formulations contain a substance known to provide relief and calming effects. Then the attendant asks you politely, "Which product would you like to buy, ma'am or sir?" You freeze for a moment because you are unsure.

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