Attention:We’ve become aware of counterfeit ‘Concentr8’ and ‘Elev8ed by Concentr8’ products pervading local markets in Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa, Venice and surrounding areas. If you have been directed to this webpage by scanning a QR code, it unfortunately means that you have purchased a counterfeit product. We have also identified attempts by the counterfeiters to obstruct original QR codes with stickers. As of 12/01/2021, we’ve transitioned our product packaging to ‘Highly Concentr8ed’ labels exclusively, authentic products are in our Highly Concentr8ed packaging. This shift serves as a key authenticity marker for our customers.

These counterfeit items, sold deceitfully under our brand name, starkly contrast the quality we deliver. They fail to adhere to the rigorous testing protocols and high standards we uphold for our premium-grade, hemp-derived products. We assure our customers, with the utmost certainty, that these counterfeit products bear no association with our legitimate companies – Concentr8 LLC or Highly Concentr8ed LLC.

We have received numerous complaints about these counterfeit items, which have caused health concerns and exhibited a lack of adequate testing. Despite attempts by this unaffiliated company to associate themselves with our reputable brand, we wish to emphasize that we do not endorse, authorize, or associate these counterfeit ‘Concentr8’ or ‘Elev8ed by Concentr8’ products in any way.

We strongly urge you to confirm the authenticity of your purchases by reaching out to us directly. If you’ve acquired ‘Elev8ed by Concentr8’ or ‘Concentr8’ products locally, it’s likely you’ve obtained untested counterfeit goods. If you have concerns about the validity of a product you have purchased, please contact [email protected] immediately. If you believe you’ve purchased a fraudulent product or have been contacted by a representative who may be misrepresenting themselves, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

To purchase authentic products of ours locally, please contact us directly for an up to date list of authorized retailers. For additional questions, please email us at: [email protected]

Your trust and satisfaction remain our utmost priority. Thank you for your continued support, and our apologies for any inconvenience caused by these counterfeit products.