Delta 8 Products That You Should Try

There is a reason you would want to get your hands on these Delta 8 products.

Delta 8 THC is undoubtedly a cannabinoid you have heard of, especially recently, as the cannabis community has never witnessed a rise in popularity for any cannabinoid, in the same way, it has for Delta 8 THC. It is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids in today’s market, with everyone desperately trying to get their hands on them. Due to its insane levels of popularity, sales have seen a massive increase, and manufacturers now know that Delta 8 THC is where the money is. Thus, they have begun to flood the market with a wide variety of Delta 8 THC products. If you want to know the best Delta 8 THC cannabis products out there, then stick around until the end of the article.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

If you haven’t heard of Delta 8 THC or are among the new users of cannabis that have recently joined the cannabis industry, you would probably like to learn precisely what Delta 8 THC is and why it’s so popular. Well, you should know that Delta 8 THC products are very similar to the products made from their cousin cannabinoid ‘Delta 9 THC’, which is the THC everyone in the cannabis community is familiar with, and also the reason that people often associate psychoactive effects with cannabis use. Delta 8 THC does get you similar high levels as you would get from a Delta 9 THC product. However, unlike Delta 9 THC, a cannabis plant-derived product, Delta 8 THC produces hemp products as the cannabinoid is derived from organic hemp.

The hemp-derived products that are Delta 8 THC are completely federally legal, as, under the farm bill passed in 2018, all weed products made from cannabinoids derived from hemp sources are entirely legal. However, while the cannabinoid and its constituent products are permitted at a federal level, some states are presently working on laws that show their stance on the cannabinoids, whether good or bad.

You have probably heard of all the other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBD, and the infamous Delta 9 THC, all found in the cannabis plant. Much in the same way as all the other aforementioned chemical compounds, Delta 8 THC is also a chemical compound derived from high-quality hemp. It works in a very similar fashion to all of the other cannabinoids mentioned above.

Why Has Delta 8 THC Gained So Much Popularity Recently?

In the past, if you were to inspect the cannabinoids present in any marijuana plant, you would find that Delta 8 THC was found only in minuscule amounts in any given plant. When you ingested Delta 8 THC, your body automatically converted it to CBD, giving you all the benefits of that cannabinoid as well. The conversion of Delta 8 THC into CBD is the main reason why the average hemp plant was never enough to get you high.

However, in recent years, a research and editorial team conducted some FDA-approved research studies and discovered that the Delta 8 THC compound has some of its very own psychoactive properties. Immediately following their discovery, they got to breeding strains of cannabis that they knew to be rich in Delta 8 THC and essentially isolated the Delta 8 compound from all other chemical compounds present with cannabis plants. After many lab tests and experiments conducted in the finest labs, the researchers made the first powerful Delta 8 THC product.

How Does Delta 8 THC Work?

As discussed above, Delta 8 THC is the newest and hottest cannabis compound on the market. A lot of that is partly due to the people of the United States figuring out how to get high without any legal repercussions. Thus, the popularity of the cannabinoid is well understood.

Delta 8 THC, short for Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a chemical compound found within a particular type of cannabis plant. The certain species of cannabis plants that Delta 8 is located within is known as hemp.

We will discuss more in-depth later that the hemp plant and its chemical constituents are all legal at the federal level. The strict definition of a hemp plant that the FDA has started is that a cannabis plant with a THC content of less than 0.3 percent is considered hemp. THC is the active ingredient present within weed that gives the user all the psychotropic effects that weed is renowned for.

Usually, you will come to find that a hemp plant contains a very tiny dose of the compound Delta 8, which is not enough to get anyone high. Upon consuming this small dose of the Delta 8 THC cannabinoid, the human body puts it through several processes in the digestive system that all combine to result in the Delta 8 cannabinoid converting into CBD. This process which the Delta 8 THC undergoes in the digestive system, minimizes its psychoactive effects and thus, prevents all CBD products from getting a person high.

However, as manufacturers began to develop new and advanced methods to make cannabis products, they had found a way to optimize entire cannabis strains for just Delta 8 THC content. Essentially, the manufacturers of weed products found a way to isolate Delta 8 THC. This newfound ability of weed product manufacturers to isolate Delta 8 THC had given them the means to sell products that would make the consumers high while still abiding by the federal law. This new and widely accessible means for weed consumers to get high while still following the rules set by the federal government made delta 8 THC products very famous, not only across the United States but also the entire world.

Delta 8 THC VS Delta 9 THC

Usually, the thought of weed immediately sparks to mind the idea of the primary type of THC you would come to find within a cannabis plant, Delta 9 THC. Delta 9 THC is so much the norm for all cannabis-based discussions that as soon as someone begins to talk about the chemical composition of a strain of cannabis or a cannabis plant, the people often subconsciously discuss all the effects of Delta 9 THC.

Delta 8 THC comes from the same family of chemical build-up as Delta 9 THC since both are a form of Tetrahydrocannabinol. Hence the THC at the end of both of their names.

If you don’t already know, there are well over one hundred different types of chemical compounds present within a single cannabis plant, including not only the likes of the Delta mentioned above 8 THC and Delta 9 THC but also cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, and CBG. Every cannabis strain that you come across contains a different amount of each one of these natural cannabinoids, which also explains the phenomenon of why all the different strains out there have such varying effects from one another.

The cannabinoids we have at hand currently, Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC, have very similar effects on their users. The main result you will find in both of these cannabinoids is that they both work very well in getting their users high. However, further research into the differences between these cannabinoids has led scientists to find out that Delta 8 THC delivers around only sixty percent of the high you would expect to get from consuming the same amount of Delta 9 THC. Essentially, Delta 8 THC is not as potent and will not get you as high, at an equivalent dosage of Delta 9 THC.

Other research has been conducted regarding the high you would get from Delta 8 THC, with most of those studies concluding that the high could be described as a mellow high. A benefit that Delta 8 THC has over its more potent sibling Delta 9 THC is that there have been reports that its users experience a lot less of the unwanted side effects of THC, such as an increase in anxiety and restlessness.

Why is Delta 8 THC Legal?

As previously mentioned several times now, the use of all Delta 8 products is completely legal at a federal level, in the United States, under the Farm Bill that was passed in 2018.

According to the Farm mentioned above Bill, hemp and all of its derivatives were utterly legal as long as the original hemp plant from which all the cannabinoids were derived contained less than 0.3 percent Delta 9 THC within it. All Delta 8 products on the market are derived from hemp and have less than 0.3 percent delta 9 THC, thus making them entirely federally legal.

A lot of people refer to this as a loophole, namely the ‘2018 farm bill loophole’. The intent of the farm bill that was passed in 2018 was that all hemp products would be legalized due to hemp not having any psychoactive effects. The direct derivative of hemp is CBD, and it was the center of attention in the medical world as it was found to come with all the health benefits associated with cannabis use without any of the high. This made the case to pass the 2018 farm bill a lot stronger.

Since all of the products you can make from Delta 8 THC originate from a legally compliant source, hemp, all of the products automatically become legal at the federal level. Companies who make Delta 8 products know the law very well and ensure that they don’t get any of their Delta 8 THC from any source that isn’t hemp or non-compliant with the government’s rules.

Humans have known about the Delta 8 THC cannabinoid since back in the year 1942, with the chemical compound being wholly synthesized in the year 1965. Around 1966, scientists had gotten so advanced with their technology and techniques that they had managed to isolate the delta 8 THC cannabinoid from the cannabis plant and began to conduct proper tests and studies on the unique and exciting chemical properties of the compound.

Until recently, it was known that all of the delta 8 THC that a person would consume from a cannabis plant would ultimately turn into CBD within the body, as stated prior. With hemp products having tiny amounts of Delta 8 THC, the minuscule amounts of Delta 8 THC would often entirely turn into the non-psychotropic substance that is CBD, which is also why CBD products would not get you high despite containing chemical compounds such as Delta 8 THC.

By isolating the chemical compound Delta 8 THC, combines that sell Delta eight products had found a way to maximize the effects of the chemical compound. Thus, cannabis companies have found a means to create effective Delta eight products that can get their users high while remaining well within the confines of the law set by the federal government.

The Legality of Delta 8 Products at a State Level

While the use of the cannabinoid is entirely legal at the federal level, some issues arise when you discuss the legality of the cannabinoid at a state level. The popularity of the delta eight chemical compound had significantly increased across the United States during late 2020 and early 2021, which had forced a lot of jurisdictions to ban the products made of the cannabinoid.

Towards the end of the summer of 2021, the legality of the Delta 8 chemical compound had seen changes being made to it daily. Fifteen states are known to have completely banned the use of the cannabinoid and the selling of products containing the Delta eight cannabinoids. Those States which have prohibited the use of delta 8 THC include Vermont, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, Arizona, Iowa, Washington, Colorado, New York, Kentucky, Utah, Idaho, and finally, Mississippi.

Some of the states which have some pending legislation that can ban the usage of Delta 8 and its constituent products include states such as Michigan, North Dakota, Alabama, Oregon, Oklahoma, and lastly, Illinois.

Even if your state has barred the usage of Delta 8 and its constituent products, it may not be that way forever, as a lot of states have only temporary bans placed upon the use of Delta 8 THC until the state can come up with better regulations to put in place to regulate the usage of the chemical compound. An example of this is States such as Washington or Oregon, where the usage of Delta 8 and its constituent products is entirely illegal despite both states allowing the use of marijuana recreationally across the entire state. With more of the regulations being cleared up in each state, if you happen to live in one of the states mentioned above, you can expect to have Delta 8 THC completely legalized across your entire state sooner or later.

Be Careful With Drug Tests

As you would have already learned by now, Delta 8 THC is very similar in chemical composition to Delta 9 THC, and thus, it is very likely that you fail a drug test after consuming Delta 8 THC. If the drug test in question checks for THC, then consuming any form of Delta 8 THC products could lead you to fail a drug test, similar to how if you consume a lot of CBD product you could still fail a drug test, even the Delta 9 THC content of the product is less than 0.3 percent.

The Best Types of Delta 8 THC Products You Should Try Out

In general, there are three main types of Delta 8 THC products that you will come across if you were to search for some at a dispensary. Though the type of product may be different, all three of them originate from the same form of Delta 8 THC, which is its distillate. The distillate of Delta 8 THC is more often than not infused into several things to make different types of products, the main ones of which include infusing the distillate into oils, vape liquids, edibles, and pills. All the different kinds of products of Delta 8 THC come with additional benefits that suit certain people better than others, so it may take trying out a few different products before you figure out what is suitable for you.

Delta 8 THC Tinctures

The tincture is the most versatile form of product you can choose when deciding what type of Delta 8 THC product you want to buy. The tinctures are formed by infusing the Delta 8 THC distillate into a carrier oil. The carrier mentioned above oil is more often than not a very special kind of oil that can boost the volume of the product while simultaneously increasing the product’s bioavailability since the Delta 8 THC cannabinoid is dissolved in fat.

We have referred to tinctures as versatile because there are quite a few ways you can use the product. You can either try out the tincture on its own by having a few drops of it placed directly underneath your tongue, and going about doing so would give you a much faster-acting effect than you were to go about trying to consume it in some other way. One of the different ways is to infuse the tincture into some food product to make an edible out of it or add a few drops of the picture to whatever your next meal is. As previously reported, the tincture can be a very versatile way of consuming Delta 8 THC.

Delta 8 THC Gummies

Choosing to consume your dosages of Delta 8 THC in the form of gummies would also mean choosing to consume the cannabinoid is one of the most enjoyable ways possible. Gummies have their definition of versatile, which is not similar to the tincture but is still ‘versatile.’ Gummies come in a wide area of different colours as well as some incredibly delicious flavours, which is a lot more variety than what you can find in all other forms of Delta 8 products. The versatility in colours and tastes ensures that there is something for everyone regardless of what type of flavours they’re into.

The Delta 8 THC gummies are usually made from a premeasured quantity of Delta 8 THC distillate, which is often infused into the gummy base before being prepared.

It is essential to keep in mind that due to edibles being processed by the liver first, before being infused into the bloodstream, the effects of the Delta 8 THC gummy that you consume could take quite a while to kick in longer than all other Delta 8 products. The results can take around two hours to kick in but mostly kick in a little bit before that mark. This is very important to keep in mind because people who are new to gummies or are new to cannabis in general often mistake consuming too many gummies at once, thinking that their dosage isn’t enough. This lack of understanding could result in a person overdosing on a specific cannabinoid.

Another benefit to remember about gummies is that while they may take the longest kick in, their effects last the longest out of all the other forms of Delta 8 products.

Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges

The vape cartridge is one of the most popular ways, especially among vape users, of consuming not only Delta 8 THC but also pretty much every other cannabinoid you can think of. Vaping a cannabinoid is one of, if not the fastest, ways you can get a cannabinoid into your system. It is the quickest way to get Delta 8 THC into your system due to the smoke you inhale when you vape going directly to your lungs and directly contacting your lungs’ tissues. The tissues then immediately allow all the cannabinoids present within the smoke to enter the bloodstream.

While you may get some pretty instantaneous effects when you choose to consume delta 8 THC by way of a vape cartridge, the effects don’t tend to last very long and wear away rather quickly.

The Delta 8 THC vape cartridges are made by combining the Delta mentioned above 8 THC distillate with a thinning agent, which allows for the cannabinoid to turn into vapour during consumption.

Do You Want to Get The Best Delta 8 Products in All of North America?

If you are on the search for the absolute best Delta 8 products that anyone can get their hands on in the current marijuana market, then look no further than ‘Concentr8’ for all of your cannabis needs.

Choosing to get all of your marijuana products with them comes with a wide array of benefits. The company will win your trust very quickly as they are very transparent and honest in all of their dealings. They are sure to win you over like they did countless others, with their vast and expansive knowledge of the cannabis market and selling practices. To get going with making all your cannabis purchases from the best place on the internet, all you have to do is sign up for an account on their website. You can buy credit term subscriptions if you’d like, so you can access online content such as articles on why Concentr8 is a highly sought-after cannabis product vendor and why they are considered by many to be the best in the game. You can share ‘Wire Service’ published articles on your social media platforms to spread the word about why you are choosing Concentr8 for all your cannabis needs. However, while creating the account, remember to set a complicated password so you can prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Like many other similar companies, Concentr8 also sells many products from a lot of different cannabis brands ranging from reputable brands to some emerging brand that is gaining a lot of traction. However, unlike all other companies, the Concentr8 company sells products that are ensured to be from the best brands. They provide that the only products they sell on their website are high-quality products made from high-quality ingredients by putting all the products they sell on their website through a rigorous testing scheme. They ensure that the isolate products they sell contain nothing but the prominent cannabinoid the isolate is made up of. The CBD oil in full-spectrum CBD products is derived from the highest quality full-spectrum hemp. This is very unlike all other cannabis product selling companies that don’t put any of the products they sell through any testing process.

The testing procedures that Concentr8 puts the products they sell through include testing the quality of the product in their labs, which happen to be some of the finest labs available for cannabis quality testing. After all the testing is done, the lab test results are posted on their website and social media platforms for anyone to see and to have everyone know that they sell nothing less than the best. This is already a lot more than what other companies are doing to win their customers’ loyalty. However, Concentr8 takes it even one step further to guarantee customer satisfaction. The High-quality weed products by putting all the products they sell through the testing procedures of third-party labs. The third-party lab the products are sent to, carry out several other tests to further ensure that the products that Concentr8 sells are no less than the best. The third-party lab tests also ensure that the ingredients used to make the products are of high quality. If the lab-tested product successfully proves it was made from the highest-end ingredients then the product receives an organic certification. Much like the lab results that Concentr8 publishes after carrying out their tests in their labs, the lab reports ensure further the third-party lab which conducted the tests, are all published online for the entire world to provide, as well as, for their customers to know that they aren’t being scammed. The certificate of authenticity and the transparent lab results that the Concentr8 public, ite to see, prove to many that they value their customers’ trust and will do anything to win their loyalty.

They even have a review system set up so each customer can give their feedback on any products on their website. The user reviews let them, and others, know which one of their products is more sought after than the others, and we’ll tell you a little later on about which products those are. The review system also allows them to connect with their customers on a deeper level by addressing their concerns regarding any single product to them directly.

As firm believers in science and professional medical care, they realize that the information on the internet is not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice, and thus, have placed several banners all over their site telling their customers to consult a licensed healthcare provider if they intend to use the weed products as a form of wellness products, rather than for recreational use.

What They Offer

If you have a look at their site, you’ll come to find an endless list of different types of weed products ranging from gummies to tinctures. They sell famous strains such as blue dream and have products from Blue Moon hemp. They have products that suit the taste buds of all of their customers. They offer many tasty flavours, as well as exotic flavours. Some of the flavours you can expect to find on their site include blue raspberry flavour, strawberry gelato flavour, and even green apple flavour, the last of which is pretty rare to come across in the weed market. They also offer some gluten-free products to suit the needs of every type of customer that visits their site.

If you are looking to try some of the most sought out Delta 8 THC products on the market, then they carry those as well. They sell “Delta 8 CBG Hash” and “Delta 8 Diamond Sauce – Trifecta Blend“, which are two products some people would pay a fortune to get their hands on.

Once again, if you search for the most excellent Delta 8 products that money can buy or are trying to get the highest quality cannabis available on the internet for the best prices imaginable, do yourself a favour and visit Concentr8.

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