3000mg Delta 8 CBN Ratio Tincture


Equal parts Delta-8-THC and Cannabinol. Put on your slippers and get ready for bed. This ratio is ideal to use before bed for a Serene Slumber.

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    Approximate Ratios:

    3000mg Total Cannabinoids

    • 1500mg Delta 8 THC
    • 1500mg CBN


    What is CBN? Cannabinol, or CBN, is a mildly psychoactive component found in cannabis which, like strongly psychoactive THC, is derived from tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THC-A). CBN is created when THC-A oxidizes. CBN can be used effectively as a sleep aid or sedative. This cannabinoid has also been shown to help regulate the immune system and works to relieve the pain and inflammation caused by several conditions, including arthritis and Crohn’s disease. Studies show that it can be used to reduce the intraocular eye pressure caused by glaucoma. CBN acts as an anticonvulsant, so it is also beneficial to patients suffering from seizure disorders including epilepsy.

    Learn more about Delta 8 and the entourage effect on our learn page.

    We use the Highest Quality Ingredients in all our products. All Raw ingredients are Full Panel Tested for compliance and safety. Blends are additionally tested for potency and solvents. 

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