Dr. Dabber XS


The Dr. Dabber XS™ is an advancement in the evolution of our technology, packed into the smallest, most portable e-Rig we have ever made. Providing the power and temperature stability you’ve come to expect from our bigger vaporizers, this purpose-built mini dab rig is specifically designed to go anywhere you need to go, comfortably.

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Performance Anywhere

Features like our original spill-proof glassware, alongside new additions such as a convenient filling tool and carb cap leash make the XS™ the ultimate travel companion. Whether you're on a road trip, at a show, on the course or at the beach, you can rely on the XS™ to provide performance anywhere.

Patented Heating Technology 

Carefully calibrated heat settings are controlled by our TCH technology, and based on almost a decade of customer feedback. This ensures a temperature range (475°, 525°, 575°, 625°) that will satisfy any dabber in any situation.

No Frills

Designed to be simple to fill, load and use, the XS™ features our signature direct flavor pathway and a newly designed quartz heating dish with a beautiful knurling finish.

*For use with CBD only

What's In The Box

  • XS™ Replacement e-Chamber
  • XS™ Replacement Filling Tool
  • XS™ Replacement Glass Attachment
  • XS™ Replacement Carb Cap w/ Seal
  • Loading Tool
  • XS™

Additional Information

Weight 21 oz


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