Dreamscape Muscimol + CBN Blend Gummies

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Experience enhanced nighttime relaxation with PureGlow’s Muscimol Nighttime Blend Gummies, infused with both muscimol and CBN. Each gummy delivers 3mg of pure muscimol extract from the iconic Amanita Muscaria mushroom, paired with 10mg CBN for its potent sedative qualities. These vegan-friendly, gluten-free gummies are designed to support deeper, more restorative sleep. Each batch undergoes rigorous lab testing to guarantee safety and consistency, with results available via QR code. Drift into peaceful sleep with the dual power of muscimol and CBN in every gummy.


Introducing PureGlow's Muscimol Nighttime Blend Gummies—a serene blend of muscimol and CBN, meticulously crafted to enhance your nighttime routine. Each gummy contains 3mg of muscimol, a psychoactive compound extracted from the Amanita Muscaria mushroom, renowned for its unique effects on relaxation and mental tranquility. To further aid in sleep, we've enriched our gummies with 10mg CBN, known for its sedative properties that can help promote a deeper, more restful night's sleep.

Crafted in our state-of-the-art, FDACS-inspected facility in Sarasota, Florida, these gummies are made with the highest-quality ingredients, ensuring they meet the needs of various dietary restrictions without compromising taste or efficacy. Each batch is rigorously tested for purity and consistency and the lab results are accessible through a unique QR code.

Our dual-action gummies not only foster a calm mental state but also support the body’s natural sleep cycle, allowing you to experience a peaceful journey into sleep. Perfect for those seeking a natural way to improve sleep quality, our gummies provide a soothing experience that prepares you for a restful night.

As with all our products, we recommend starting with a gummy for first-time users and adjusting as necessary, ensuring a safe and personalized experience. Proper storage is crucial—keep your gummies in a cool, dark place in an airtight container to maintain their potency and freshness.

Embrace the night with PureGlow's Amanita Muscaria Nighttime Gummies and turn your bedtime into a tranquil escape.

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