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What is Live Rosin? With Live Resin, fresh frozen cannabis plants are put through a solvent extraction process which utilizes butane, propane, CO2, or another solvent. This dissolves all the trichomes—but since the process works like a chemical magnet, it can favor certain compounds and leave others behind. With live resin, the farm is harvesting flower at its peak freshness. It is then frozen in that state and then extracted in that state, to provide the best representation of what that particular flower strain actually is. By contrast, think about buying out-of-season vegetables at a supermarket. If you bought frozen vegetables instead, they’d be fresher because they were chopped and frozen right at peak performance time, rather than sitting on a truck, going through oxidation, and sitting in the market. The plant loses some of its flavor because it’s gone through that process.

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Phantom Cannabis

Elevate your smoke with Phantom Cannabis. Phantom Cannabis hits the streets of South Florida, bringing with it a legacy of fire that only true OGs of the game can muster. This isn't just another brand; it’s a movement born from years grinding in the cannabis trenches, delivering unmatched gas that turns heads and keeps connoisseurs coming back for more. Phantoms' roots run deep in the culture, with every bud and concentrate reflecting a commitment to potency and purity that’s rare in this game. Phantom is where the streets meet artisanal mastery, serving up the kind of THCA flower and THCA concentrates that legends are made of. For those in the know, Phantom Cannabis isn’t just premium, it’s personal – a testament to the craft, powered by passion and the kind of expertise that only comes with time. Welcome to the pinnacle of South Florida’s cannabis scene, where legacy and authenticity blend to elevate your smoke to new heights.



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Weight N/A

1G, 3.5G

THCA Strain

Miracle Alien Cookies (I), Kiwi Sorbet (H)


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