Puffco Peak Pro Original

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Puffco Peak Pro Original:
Presenting the Puffco Peak Pro Original, an upgraded rendition of the esteemed Puffco Peak, renowned worldwide as the pinnacle of dab rig vaporizers. Building upon its predecessor’s success, the Peak Pro Original boasts a visually appealing design, seamless integration with a user-friendly app, and an enhanced concentrate delivery system. Puffco maintains its position as industry pioneers in the realm of electronic vaporizers designed specifically for dabbing. The founder of Puffco has proudly proclaimed that every aspect of the Peak has been elevated to new heights.

With the aid of the companion app, users gain precise control over temperature presets, ensuring an accurate and tailored vaping experience that caters to both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike. The Peak Pro Original offers compatibility with various concentrates, including Wax, Shatter, Dab, Isolate, and any Solid Extract, allowing users the freedom to explore and enjoy a wide array of options.

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Puffco Peak Pro Original: KEY FEATURES
Bluetooth App Connectivity
Wireless Qi Charging
USB-C Connection
Auto-Sleep Function
Real-Time Temp. Control
Large Sealed Ceramic Chamber
Customizable LED Lights
High Volume Water Capacity
Oculus Carb Cap
30-Session Average Battery Life
2-Hour Fast Charge Time
Bluetooth App Connectivity
The Peak Pro Original offers seamless control through the dedicated smartphone app, aptly named the Peak Pro App Experience. With this app, users can enjoy a heightened level of customization, allowing them to tailor their vaping sessions precisely to their preferences. The app provides the ability to customize the four temperature presets, granting control over heat duration, temperature settings, and even the color associated with each preset. This level of personalization ensures that users can achieve their desired vaping experience with ease.

In addition to temperature control, the app offers a range of captivating features to enhance the overall user experience. Users can cycle through various color schemes and lighting modes, allowing them to set the mood when the device is not in active use. Among the available lighting patterns are Pulse, Wave, Disco, and Stealth, each offering a unique visual ambiance.

Moreover, the app serves as the product's screen, providing users with real-time data and statistics. Live Stats, such as Active Heat Setting, Bowl Temperature, Daily Dabs, and Total Dabs, can be conveniently viewed on the app's interface, keeping users informed and allowing them to track their usage and preferences accurately. The integration of these features ensures that users have comprehensive control and a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Wireless Charging
The Puffco Peak Pro comes with USB-C charging in line with what you would expect from a Next-Gen product. This offers more stable power distribution and faster charging times.

The Peak Pro Power Dock is a new accessory designed to keep your device charged and ready at all times. It also doubles up as a power bank meaning the battery life of the product is drastically improved. We highly recommend this accessory for seasoned, regular users.

Oculus Carb Cap
The Puffco Peak Pro introduces a newly engineered accessory known as the Oculus, a removable ceramic Carb Cap that offers a host of advantages. With a sleek design, the Oculus sets itself apart by featuring a 40% larger capacity compared to its predecessor. This significant increase in capacity makes the Peak Pro exceptionally well-suited for group sessions, as it can accommodate a greater amount of material, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

One notable advantage of the Oculus Carb Cap is its transparent nature, providing users with a clear view of the material inside the bowl. This transparency allows for effortless monitoring and observation of the concentrate, ensuring optimal usage and preventing any waste or unintentional overheating. With the Oculus Carb Cap, users can easily gauge the remaining material and make informed decisions about their sessions.

Overall, the innovative design and enhanced functionality of the Oculus Carb Cap contribute to the exceptional performance of the Puffco Peak Pro, enabling a seamless and enjoyable group vaping experience while providing a convenient way to keep an eye on the material in the bowl.

Intelligent Embedded Chamber Sensing
Recognizing the pivotal role of the chamber as the driving force behind the Puffco Peak Pro, Puffco has implemented an embedded temperature sensor within this crucial component. This innovative feature guarantees a controlled and consistent dabbing experience for users. By accurately monitoring the temperature within the chamber, the sensor enables precise adjustments to maintain the desired temperature without exceeding it.

Furthermore, Puffco has incorporated gold plate connections and a robust lock mechanism into the coil design. These enhancements contribute to the overall durability and reliability of the device, ensuring a secure and efficient connection between the chamber and the coil.

The utilization of the embedded temperature sensor in conjunction with the advanced coil design provides several benefits. Firstly, it allows for micro-adjustments to be made, ensuring that the desired temperature is consistently achieved and maintained throughout each session. This level of precision enhances the overall vaping experience, enabling users to enjoy their concentrates at optimal temperatures. Additionally, the sensor acts as a safeguard, preventing excessive heat that could potentially degrade the quality of the material or lead to wastage.

In summary, the embedded temperature sensor, coupled with the gold plate connections and sturdy lock mechanism, reinforces the controlled and consistent performance of the Puffco Peak Pro. These design elements contribute to a superior dabbing experience, where users can confidently enjoy their concentrates with precision and peace of mind.

Premium Carrying Case
The Puffco Peak Pro’s carrying case fits in everything you need to take with you into a stylish and discrete travel case. This also ensures the product is protected when in transit with shock-absorbing foam padding

1 x Puffco Peak Pro Original
1 x Travel Case
1 x Micro USB-C Cable
1 x Carb Cap
1 x Set of Cleaning Swabs
1 x Ceramic Bowl
1 X Loading/Dab Tool
1 x USB Wall Charger

This is what the Puffco Peak Pro has to offer:

7" High and 2.75" Base / 17.7 cm x 6.98 cm

Weight (in grams):

Average Heat Up time:
30 Seconds

Temperature range:
232 °C-316 °C → 450 °F - 620 °F

Temperature presets:
4 Temperature Presets

Water Filtration:

Mouthpiece Material:

Heating Technique:

Chamber/Oven Material:



Energy Source:

Haptic Feedback:

Recharge Time:
120 min


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