Wrecked 2.0 Blend (HHC+HHCP+CBC+THC-B)


A spinoff of one of our more popular & highly potent blends, we bring you the Wrecked 2.0 Blend. Revitalize your senses with the Wrecked 2.0 Blend from Highly Concentr8ed! This potent blend showcases the power of 84% Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), amplified by an 8% Hexahydrocannabiphorol (HHCP) boost and a 3% dose of Tetrahydrocannabibutol (THCB). The 5% Cannabichromene (CBC) rounds out & potentiates the formula, promoting a powerful balanced overall experience. Designed with the discerning cannabinoid enthusiast in mind, the Wrecked 2.0 Blend introduces a new level of euphoria that surpasses its predecessor. Experience the enhanced effects of HHC as the base, coupled with the strength of HHCP, which many users find even more potent than THCP. Get ready to embark on a unique journey of relaxation and revitalization, only with the Wrecked 2.0 Blend from Highly Concentr8ed!


Dive into the world of premium HHCP and THCB products with the Wrecked 2.0 Blend from Highly Concentr8ed. Our unique blend is formulated with a rich 8% concentration of Hexahydrocannabiphorol (HHCP), surpassing the usual blend potency and designed specifically for seasoned users. Enhanced with a 3% dose of Tetrahydrocannabibutol (THCB), our blend delivers a potency and duration that outshine many other products on the market.

HHCP, a hydrogenated derivative of THCP, boasts two extra carbon atoms in its alkyl side chain. This structural modification, akin to Delta 9 THCp, amplifies the binding affinity of the cannabinoid, positioning HHCP as one of the market's most potent cannabinoids. With its powerful, intoxicating, and euphoric effects, HHCP has been reported by users to be even stronger than THCP.

Our blend is enriched with Delta 9 THCB - Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabutol, an intriguing isomer of Delta-9-THC. This unique compound, first identified by THCP and THCH discoverers, swaps the pentyl sidechain with a butyl sidechain. Users typically find THCB to be slightly less potent than THCP but more potent than THC-H, with a quicker onset and shorter duration.

Experience the robust flavor and high potency of our Wrecked 2.0 Blend Cartridge, a top-tier choice for those seeking the best in HHCP and THCB products.

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Approximate Ratios:

Our Wrecked 2.0 Blend Consists of the following ratios:

84% HHC


5% CBC


*Infused with your choice of 5% BDT terpenes, or 7% CDT terpenes


Terpenes Matter!

Terpenes are the basis of all our products, we use the highest quality terpenes on the market from reliable and highly reputable sources.

Our premium cannabis derived terpenes used in our products are extracted from cannabis plants from highly regarded sources out west we’ve worked closely with throughout the years.

Live Resin: Experience true live resin infusions. Our Live Resin line of products are infused with medical grade, terpene rich live resin to capture the essence of true cannabis taste at its finest.

Our Refined Cannabis Derived terpenes are extracted using a proprietary method on fresh never frozen cannabis material with strict harvesting procedures which capture the essence of the plant at peak ripeness. These terpenes have undergone an additional refinement process.

Our Ultra Refined CO2 Cannabis Derived Terpenes are extracted using sub-critical, and super-critical CO2 Extraction methods on fresh never frozen cannabis material with proprietary methods which have the ability to isolate terpenes without damaging these precious compounds, preserving the real smell of the strain.

We use the Highest Quality Ingredients in all our products. All Raw ingredients are Full Panel Tested for compliance and safety. Blends are additionally tested for potency and solvents. 

To assure a safe and high quality product, all of our products are produced in a FDACS licensed commercial processing facility that receives periodic inspections and is CGMP compliant.

Warning: This product can affect people's judgment. Do not drive or operate any machinery while using this product. Consult a doctor before using this product.

Additional Information

Weight N/A

3.5G, 28G

Strain Profiles

Banana Punch – hybrid BDT, Strawberry Shortcake – Indica BDT, Frosted Grapes – Indica CDT, Standard OG – Hybrid CDT, Raw – Un-Terped, Golden Ticket – Live Resin Hybrid


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