Hemp Vs. Marijuana: What’s The Difference?

By Maria A - May 17, 2022

Most cannabis users believe that marijuana and hemp are two separate plant species, but this is not the case.

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Which is Better? Tinctures or Edibles

By Maria A - March 18, 2022

Can the best CBD tinctures and edibles offer valuable medicinal and therapeutic benefits? Many research scientists at the top universities and laboratories of the U.S. are exploring cannabis and its promising use in medicine.

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21 Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

By Maria A - March 11, 2022

Without a doubt, many people enjoy the benefits of cannabis. An estimated 2.5% of the world’s population or 147 million people consume cannabis. This number propels it to the most widely consumed substance globally.

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Cannabis Concentrates 101: Everything You Need To Know About Concentrates

By Maria A - February 25, 2022

Cannabis concentrates are all the rage these days. But what are they, exactly? And what do they do? This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about cannabis concentrates.

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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Derived Terpenes

By Maria A - February 9, 2022

Ever since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, the cannabis industry has begun seeing a massive wave of cannabis-infused products. This has also brought significant interest from the general public about hemp and marijuana plants in general, and more specifically, in these cannabis-derived terpenes.

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How To Consume Concentrates?

By Maria A - January 12, 2022

As you explore the cannabis market, you'll find out that concentrates are among those variants that are so potent and flexible to use. Many consumers would prefer this cannabis form as it offers everything they need from the substance and its consumption.

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