HHC Cannabinoid 101 Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that there’s a cannabis compound that’s more stable than THC? It’s called hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), which has recently emerged in the marijuana world. Experts say that this newly-discovered substance is equally potent as its counterparts but offers some other advantages. HHC is resistant to oxidation, heat, and UV light, so you don’t have to worry about degrading it more easily. You’ll undoubtedly come across this product in various weed stores as you shop around, whether online or in physical dispensaries. 

For smart shopping, though, you must understand the whole nature and characteristics of HHC as a psychoactive compound. If you discover its potential health benefits, that’s probably the best reason why buying it is worth an investment. You can access many resources to know more about this substance. But in this article, we cover everything you need to know about HHC cannabinoids. 

What is HHC Cannabinoid Exactly? 

This psychoactive compound also originated from hemp plants in trace concentrations. But to have a usable amount of the substance, manufacturers have to hydrogenate THC to produce actual products. Hydrogenation is a chemical process where hydrogen atoms are added to the chemical structure to stabilize it. The THC is saturated with hydrogen atoms using high pressure and a catalyst like nickel or palladium. It works similar to turning vegetable oil into margarine in layman’s terms. 

As a result of hydrogenation, THC’s double bond chemical structure is broken and replaced with hydrogen, forming HHC. But interestingly, the potency and effects of cannabinoids remain the same. The minor alteration of the compound increases the binding affinity of THC for CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors. What’s notable here is that the compound’s molecular structure has become more stable against oxidation and degradation. 

You’re probably curious about what happens to THC when it oxidizes. Since it’s a relevant topic, you must understand that the phenomenon can cause the compound to lose hydrogen atoms, and two new double bonds are formed instead. The byproduct is called cannabinol (CBN) which only has around 10% of THC’s psychoactive potency. In contrast, HHC does not lose its potency even when exposed to air. It is also incredibly resistant to heat and UV light, making it more advantageous for all users. 

How to Consume HHC Cannabinoid 

HHC cannabinoids come in several forms, including HHC gummies, tinctures, vapes, and more, so there are also different ways to consume them. If you’re thinking of buying one these days, it’s smart that you get an overview of how each method works. That way, you can maximize the potential benefits that your chosen item could bring. 

You Can Eat HHC Edibles 

Perhaps you would agree that edibles are the most fun and delicious way of consuming HHC products. That’s how most consumers think, too. But as you indulge yourself in foods infused with HHC, keep in mind that the effects might take 2-4 hours to kick in. There’s also a risk for overconsumption that might trigger some side effects, so staying within your tolerance level is essential. Starting low and going slow can keep you from having unpleasant experiences for first-timers. 

You Can Take HHC Tinctures Sublingually 

You can opt for tinctures for a quick and effortless administration of hemp-derived cannabinoids. These products are taken under the tongue or sublingually, considered the fastest and most efficient way to absorb the substance. You can also add HHC tinctures to any foods and drinks for oral ingestion. Some tinctures might even allow you to apply the product to your skin as they can provide relief for dermal or nerve problems. 

You Can Vape HHC Products 

Have you seen vape pens already? You might have been drawn to their sleek and handy design if you did. This device allows weed users to consume products on the go without leaving any undesirable odor. You can do the same with hemp-derived HHC oil that can be heated through a vaporizing device. The vapor is then inhaled to experience the desired effects. 

You Can Smoke HHC Flower 

Smoking weed is the most common method of consuming the product. It allows you to experience the effects almost instantaneously and last anywhere from one to three hours. You can use joint, blunt, pipe, and bong for this method. But the dosage and your tolerance level have something to do with your overall experience with the substance. The same thing holds when you smoke HHC flowers. 

What are the Effects of HHC Cannabinoid? 

Since HHC is a hydrogenated form of THC, it also produces similar psychoactive effects. Taking this substance will experience feelings of euphoria, altered visual and auditory perceptions, and increased heart rate and body temperature. Some users described the effects of HHC as more relaxing, just like what delta-8 THC does. 

When it comes to therapeutic benefits, the same thing could be said about HHC. It has a promising potential to provide relief for specific health conditions similar to THC functions. A scientific study claims that HHC cannabinoids indicated notable painkilling effects, although more research is needed to assess its full potential. Shop our cannabinoids to discover the effects yourself! 

How Long Does HHC Stay in Your System? 

As with other cannabis products, consuming HHC also means that the substance stays in your system for a while. Several factors would determine the length of time that HHC remains in your body. They generally include the type of product consumed, the amount of HHC consumed, and the method of testing to detect the substance. More commonly, HHC stays in the user’s system for 90 days and six weeks. 

Potential Health Benefits of HHC Cannabinoid 

While research on the HHC cannabinoid is still limited, there are already some potential health benefits that have been found. You can read many reviews highlighting the effects of this psychoactive compound. So if you’re having second thoughts right now, you might make up your mind after knowing these possible perks of this weed extract: 

HHC may Help Support Healthy Stress Response 

Stress is a common health concern among people from all walks of life. If you can’t manage it properly, things might get hard on your part. Much worse, you might develop a chronic illness due to stress taking a toll on your body. Fortunately, the emergence of HHC cannabinoids in the market has given us a practical way to manage stress more effectively. The substance is said to help regulate our body’s stress response, thereby mitigating the adverse effects. 

HHC may Help Boost Positive Mood 

Mood disorders are prevalent in many societies, regardless of cultural differences. Some people manage this condition by attending therapies and taking medications. But this option is not always practical for some patients. As a recourse, they seek effective management techniques by using alternative drugs. One of them is medical marijuana products like HHC cannabinoids. This substance may help boost positive moods to give you an optimistic outlook as you deal with life. 

HHC may Help Support Healthy Immune System 

Some people get infected by diseases or become ill more quickly because of their weak immune systems. It usually happens among older age groups, although younger ones are not an exception. Sure, vitamins and physical routines can boost your immune system. But sometimes, they’re not enough for some people. You might want to try the HHC cannabinoid noted to support a healthy immune system. It might keep your body’s defenses strong. 

HHC may Help Support Anti-Inflammatory Response 

Many cannabis products have become popular due to their anti-inflammatory effects. It has been proven in several studies; as such, consumers have developed trust in this alternative drug. That’s why it doesn’t surprise that HHC cannabinoids may also help support anti-inflammatory responses. The substance can interact with our endocannabinoid receptors to regulate inflammation, thus providing pain relief. 

Possible Side Effects of HHC Cannabinoid 

There has been a significant surge in the demands for HHC products in recent years, but it doesn’t automatically mean that the weed extract hasn’t faced some criticisms. For some people, the substance’s safety is not guaranteed without comprehensive studies on its effects. The only valid proof right now is the actual experiences of consumers, which, interestingly, show promising indicators. With more and more people buying and consuming this product, it’s safe to say that it’s doing more good than harm to most users. 

However, HHC has a safety profile comparable to THC based on preliminary research from a technical standpoint. The reported side effects of the product are similar to those resulting from high doses of THC, which include the following: 

  • Increased appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoia
  • Insomnia
  • Red eyes
  • Rapid heart rate 

If you want to minimize the possibility of experiencing these side effects, we recommend taking HHC products at the proper dosage. You have to start slow and go slow until you find your best spot. 

Proper Dosing for HHC Cannabinoid

There is no single dose that applies to everyone. But there are several factors that you need to consider when finding your best dosage. They include your age, weight, and tolerance levels. If this is your first time using HHC cannabinoids, you might still have a lower tolerance. In such a case, a lower dose of the substance is recommended, but you can gradually increase the amount depending on how your body responds. 

Here’s our suggested dosing for HHC cannabinoids: 

  • Low dose: 10 – 20 mg per serving
  • Moderate dose: 20 – 50 mg per serving
  • Heavy dose: 50 – 100 mg per serving 

Again, if you’re relatively new to the substance, starting with a lower dose is recommended to avoid any side effects. You can even microdose the product and eventually work your way up as you finally adjust to the effects. 

Is HHC Cannabinoid Legal in the United States? 

The legality of HHC cannabinoids in the United States is still debated. Some vendors claim that the product is legal since it occurs naturally in the cannabis plant, and there is yet no law that explicitly prohibits it. However, the substance is also produced in massive amounts through an artificial process which is an issue in this case. For this reason, the Drug Enforcement Administration clarified that all synthetically derived THC remains a Schedule 1 controlled substance. This is to the regulatory controls over cannabis and its constituents under the 2018 Farm Bill. 

HHC’s legality centers around whether the compound is natural or synthetic. It can be deemed natural if the final product is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC, making HHC legal at the federal level. But if it’s chemically processed and considered synthetic, the substance becomes illegal. The truth is, HHC is somewhere in between and is often called a naturally-derived product. Still, it’s a matter of risk for consumers who buy and use HHC cannabinoids since there are still gray areas on the legality of this compound. You can buy high-quality and safe HHC products from our store, anyway. 

Will HHC Show Up On a Drug Test? 

If you’re worried about the possibility of getting positive on drug tests, the good news is that HHC won’t be detected, unlike delta-8 and delta-10 THC. This is an advantage among users who want a clean record despite regularly taking the substance. It won’t show up on urine or blood tests for THC even if you have consumed sufficient amounts. While these findings are anecdotal, preliminary research suggests HHC doesn’t metabolize into 11-hydroxy-THC, which can trigger a positive result. But this claim remains unverified, so there’s still a risk on the part of consumers. 

Experience the Best HHC Cannabinoid from Us! 

If the thought of enjoying the effects and potential health benefits of HHC cannabinoids makes you feel excited, then why not purchase the best products now? We have the highest quality HHC products in our store that would give you a different kind of high and satisfaction. You can browse our website to see our product offerings at reasonable rates. 

Our reputation in giving excellent weed products and customer service has been undisputed. We have earned a top rating in several consumer reviews. So, you’ve come to the right place if you’re into top-shelf cannabis. Shop our HHC products at Concentr8 and let us know how we can serve your needs soon!

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