Five Best Delta 8 Cartridges You Can Buy Today

Delta-8 is the newest star in the cannabis industry as it became a best-seller in recent months. With so many delta-8 THC cartridges on the market, it is deciding which one is suitable for you. With so many other Delta 8 Products and CBD companies fighting for a place within this booming industry, it is no longer a wonder that the number of low-quality alternatives and counterfeits has increased as well.

You could explore numerous places for the best delta-8 THC vape cartridge or vape cart, but it would take a lot of time and energy, which you could probably use elsewhere. So, Concentr8 has put forth a lot of effort for you. We combed through hundreds of businesses to locate premium carts, including Delta 8 carts that provide high-quality products and have an excellent customer service team.

Look at them below and see if one of these vape cartridges from reputable brands suits your taste and lifestyle.

Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness is a California-based brand and a notable company on our list. It has been featured in LA Weekly, Ministry of Hemp, and The Observer, among other publications. The business sells delta-8 THC edibles, vape cartridges, oils, and various other high-end delta-8 THC and CBD products.

Farmers and researchers from California collaborated to establish Exhale Wellness. Their mission is to develop hemp-derived products that will enhance people’s lives, and they have had a lot of success so far.

Exhale Wellness now sells a large selection of delta-8 premium products popular among fans. Their e-cigarette delta-8 cartridges are available in various tastes and are made entirely of organic hemp or cannabis plants. PEG, PG, VG, and MCT oils are not used in manufacturing.

The vape oil is available in 10 different strains, each with a potency of 900 mg and only natural terpenes from hemp plants as a component. For experienced users, this potency may be ideal. On the other hand, newcomers may find it overpowering until their bodies adjust. If you are new to vaping or the vaping industry, you may need to start with lower dosages while using Exhale Wellness vape cartridges.

Why Exhale Wellness?

Exhale Wellness wants its consumers to know that its organic hemp products are clean. Their goods, including its delta-8 cartridges, are constantly tested and certified by third-party laboratory testing.

You can view and read the lab reports and certifications from Exhale Wellness’ third-party lab testing on the company’s website. Despite its cheap CBD products, the company provides new customers with a 20% discount. If you are a new user, you can quickly receive a deal by signing up or registering on Exhale Wellness’ website.

Orders are processed within 1-2 business days at Exhale Wellness. After that, the hemp products are delivered in 5 to 11 business days through USPS or all of its shipments to ensure safe delivery.

However, if you are not one of their satisfied customers, you may be eligible for a refund that takes 30-45 business days to complete. The company often accepts money-back requests as long as you purchase products within 30 days.

Nevertheless, Exhale Wellness is one of the few companies with many happy clients. Since delta-8 THC is relatively new in the cannabis industry, the company’s services make many clients feel comfortable and informed. Thanks to its loyal and satisfied clients, its market reputation has been enhanced.

As per Exhale Wellness’ customers, vape carts have helped customers relax, deal with stress and despair, experience pain relief, and even treat arthritic symptoms. Exhale Wellness is also popular among customers due to its natural products, low costs, and exceptional customer service.


BudPop was founded by a group of young and enthusiastic cannabis aficionados, and its delta-8 THC products have propelled it to the top of the cannabis industry.

Its vape cartridges are composed of high-quality materials that are 100% pure and strong, with no CBD. Grape Runtz and Strawberry Gelato are the two vape carts offered by the company.

BudPop has a combined 30 years of expertise producing hemp and creating products. Consumer response has also been positive, indicating that the company has the potential to grow into an industry leader in the future.

Why BudPop?

The delta-8 THC vape cartridges from BudPop include 800 mg of delta-8 THC extracted from organic hemp terpenes.

In addition, the company is a big believer in openness, honesty, and optimum product quality. As a result, all of their vape carts are rigorously tested throughout the production process via the finest labs. Third-party testing must be done before being released to the market. The lab testing findings are accessible on the website if you are interested.

BudPop offers quick shipping, with most items arriving within two to five days of purchase. In addition to that, the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and free economy shipping on all orders. You should check out the terms and conditions of BudPop that can be found on their website.

Vape cartridge users throughout the country are talking about BudPop. Even the media has embraced BudPop, with articles about the company’s products appearing in the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Observer, and Forbes, among others.

BudPop has also received a lot of positive feedback. Many customers have given five-star reviews and expressed their thankfulness by giving them high ratings after using the vape cards. BudPop’s vape carts, according to one user, helped him reduce anxiety.

Hollyweed CBD

Hollyweed CBD thinks happiness may be found in all of life’s six pillars. This company, based in California, has dominated the market with a wide range of delta-8 THC products for a long time. Their vape carts are the cherry on top of their already impressive product line.

This reputable brand manufactures cartridges containing 900 mg of delta-8 THC that come in various delicious flavors. It also offers delta-8 THC and cannabis products, including flowers and pre-roll, tinctures, and carts.

Organic hemp is used in Hollyweed CBD’s items, including their carts. Each strain may have its effects, such as feeling more energized or helping you unwind after a long, hard day. In other words, this brand has all the delta 8 THC vape cartridges for all your desired moods and needs.

Why Hollyweed CBD?

Each box of Hollyweed’s vape carts contains 900 mg of pure delta-8 THC. They have ten strains, ranging from the OG Kush to Fruity Cereal. Even if you only get one strain every month, there is enough variation to keep you satisfied and happy.

The Delta 8 THC from Hollyweed CBD’s products comes from hemp cultivated in the United States following federal health and safety regulations. A Certificate of Analysis is included in every batch of delta-8. This signifies that a third-party laboratory has evaluated the cannabis content.

In addition to that, the company’s costs are incredibly reasonable for their service level. You may even save 25% on your purchases if you subscribe to get a cart regularly every two weeks or every month.

Contacting the firm through phone or email is quick and easy to do. Your purchase will be processed and delivered in 1-3 days. Moreover, a 30-day money-back guarantee is also included.

Those pleased and satisfied with Hollyweed CBD’s products expressed their gratitude by stating that it fulfilled their expectations. After using Hollyweed CBD’s vape carts, users reported feeling relaxed, relieved, and pleasant. Customers also claim that the brand never fails to deliver on its commitments and can be easily contacted through its web contact form.

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is mistakenly thought to be a Florida-based company that only distributes CBD products, but it also makes some of the best delta-8 THC carts on the market right now. Its team consists of medical professionals and scientists working on strain-specific terpenes that they are pleased to brag about.

Why Diamond CBD?

Those who register on Diamond CBD’s website may receive a discount of up to 70% off their first order. Diamond CBD also routinely offers discounts ranging from 35% to 75% off, making it one of the cheapest for delta-8 THC goods.

Diamond CBD also uses only the highest quality organic and non-GMO ingredients to ensure the integrity of its products. In addition to that, their hemp is farmed in the United States.

Diamond CBD sends some of its products for third-party lab testing to ensure their purity and efficacy. When it comes to obtaining delta-8 items, Diamond CBD does not cut corners. Customers may view all of the independent lab test results on Diamond CBD’s website.

A refund or exchange will be granted only if it is requested within 30 days of delivery and the vape carts have not been used will it be granted. Remember that refunds or exchanges will not be accepted beyond 30 days from the delivery date.

Diamond CBD’s products have received a fantastic and enthusiastic response from its customers. After purchasing Diamond CBD delta-8 THC vape carts, they reported feeling relaxed and experiencing a moderate but not overpowering high. Customers also rave about the quality, efficiency, and flavor of vape cartridges.

In addition to that, there were no complaints regarding shipping or product quality in the comments area, which is a good sign. Thus, it is no surprise that they have the best ratings.


The 3Chi delta-8 THC cartridges are popular among hemp users since they are cheap and easy to use. Their unique natural flavors and cart sensations are known to leave you feeling calm and invigorated.

3Chi was created by an American scientist with over 15 years of experience in the hemp industry. Instead of relying on unreliable cannabinoids, the company only uses those that have been thoroughly lab tested for potency and purity before being launched into the market.

The CCELL carts are made of glass and contain a ceramic core. Moreover, some cartridges contain either 100% delta-8 THC or 95% delta-8 THC and 5% terpenes from popular cannabis strains. A 0.5ml cartridge with 475mg delta-8 THC and a 1ml cartridge with 950mg delta-8 THC are also available.

You may mix and match various terpene combinations to get the best out of specifically tailored strains. On the other hand, these carts have no artificial flavors and ingredients, as well as artificial additives, except terpenes derived from plants or cannabis.

Why 3Chi?

The hemp used by 3Chi is certified organic and comes from the United States. These delta-8 THC carts are vegan and gluten-free, suited for practically everyone. While artificial colors and flavors may irritate some, the product itself is mainly natural.

In addition to that, 3Chi also employs safe extraction procedures to maintain the company’s reputation. The federal government has not yet made any judgments on legal guidelines for commercial cannabis testing. Despite this, the 3Chi’s website regularly displays results from a third-party lab for all of its delta-8 THC items.

Once you place your order on 3Chi, it will arrive within ten days, but you will not be able to return anything after that. In other words, it allows buyers to return things within a set period.

Customers have expressed their gratitude even though they cannot reach the company through phone or email. As per 3Chi’s customer reviews, the delta-8 THC carts give off an upbeat feeling, and they are glad to buy these items again and again without having to dig too far into their wallets because of the product’s low costs.

Due to its lab-tested and fast-acting delta-8 carts, 3Chi has established a pretty stable user base. Customers have reported that the carts help them focus, maintain mental clarity, and manage pain and anxiety. Several users also liked the scents and aromas of the lab-tested vape carts.

Bottom line

If you find the effects of delta-9 THC vapes to be too intense, delta-8 THC carts are a terrific option for you. Even if delta-8 THC is psychoactive, it does not have the same strength as delta-9 THC. Moreover, delta-8 THC users claim to have fewer adverse effects due to using this.

Most customers use Delta-8 products to enhance sleep quality, alleviate chronic pain, and reduce stress, among other things. Although there are many other types of delta-8 THC, the most used are vape carts, especially ones that use 510 batteries. Most clients choose vape cartridges due to their inexpensive cost and convenience.

Many businesses are also producing low-quality goods or products with an excessive quantity of delta-9 THC. We strongly advise you to get your delta-8 cart from our list of the top delta-8 carts, particularly from the brands mentioned above, to ensure the quality and safety of the items. Each of these companies follows the strictest industry guidelines and examines every batch they produce in a third-party lab.

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